Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today was a good day!

I actually got to be left by myself with no supervision for about 10 minutes this morning when Momma brought Matt and Rachel to early morning basketball practice. Daddy was still sleeping because he is sick. I was at the door when Momma left and I was still at the door when she came back. I was starting to think she went to work without me. She didn't and she told me what a good boy I was for not messing up the house. Only after she ran around the house looking for something I might have gotten into. Silly Momma!!
My favorite guy Momma works with brings me steak all the time!! It is sooo good and Momma breaks off little pieces and feeds them to me all day. I cry and whine for her to give me more but she has to do her stupid work all the time and she just ignores me so I go lay on my big puppy and sleep for a while.
At lunch we got to go to the bank and I got to go to inside. All the girls at the bank gave me treats and hugs and told me how big I have gotten and how beautiful and nice I am. I am such a lucky little Boxer!!
Momma is going to be up late because Matt has a basketball game far away and he won't be home until really late. Daddy is sick so he will probably be sleeping. Me and Momma and Rachel will hang out and maybe watch Animal Planet together.
I hope tomorrow is as fun as today was!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Momma is Stressed!!

I really need help. Momma is over the top stressed out and Daddy is ready to throw her out!!! On Sunday morning Daddy made homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast and he made one special just for me. Momma had to go and ruin it by putting the nasty Ivermectin in it. She put it on the floor for me and turned around to do dishes. She turned back around and Zeus was licking my plate. Daddy already gave him his pancakes but he took mine away from me too. I didn't really care, but Momma lost her mind. She was panicked about Zeus getting my medicine. She called Sandra right away to aske if I needed to be redosed and if it would hurt Zeus to have my medicine. She was really mad because she didn't know if I got he medicine or if Zeus got it. Silly Momma. The vet told her not to worry about it and that is Zeus got it he would be just fine. Well, she made Daddy go tot the store and buy some canned dog food (she wouldn't let me have another pancake) and gave me more icky medicine. She made sure I ate it this time! Momma is also worried about getting all the correct instructions typed up for when we go to Doggie Camp. She says me and Zeus can't be in the same kennel becasue I would be too much for him. We get to stay in Sandra's house in crates anyway becasue we are so special. I hope the other dogs at camp don't feel jealous about that.

On Saturday Momma left me FOR THE WHOLE DAY to take Rachel to her basketball tournament. That's OK though because I got to go in Daddy's truck with him and we got to hang out. She came home tired and crabby and started talking about everything she had to do and how there was no time to do it. DAddy just rolls his eyes at her and tells her to relax because it will all get done. It's a good thing Momma has Daddy and me to make her calm down. I think she is scared about leaving me because I am still just a baby and she has never left me before. She is scared about leaving Zeus because he hates to be away from Daddy. We are really spolied especially Zeus!! He gets to have all the good food and I get jealous. Daddy gives him yummy meat and veggies and stuff momma won't let me have. That's OK becasue we just wait until Momma isn't around and Daddy lets me have sutff too! Daddy says not to tell her becacsue she gets too upset if someone messes with her schedule. He doe sthe same thing for Matt and Rachel.

We love Momma alot, but she needs to relax. If anyone has any ideas to help Momma relax, please let me know and I will tell her. Yesterday she threw a fit because one of the rechargable batteries for her camera didn't work. CALM DOWN MOMMA!!! You still got me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I got Tagged by Waylon

Well, I got tagged by my buddy Waylon so now i have to tell 6 silly things about myself.

1) I will put my little brindle butt on anything. I get to sit on Zeus and the guys feet in the office. They always think I am going to pee on them, but I don't even lift my leg yet. Silly human boys.

2) I am in love with a gorgeous Brindle girl named Hanna Banana. She lives really far away from me, but every time I see her picture I go crazy. She is kinda out of my league though because technically she is German and those German babes are to die for.

3) I think I am a king. My momma treats me like a little prince and daddy thinks I am the bomb. I am horribly spolied, but I figure I am worth it.

4) I also whine about everything. I keep hoping momma will just give in to me and let me have what I want, but most of the time she doesn't. Once in a while though she will give in so the whining is worth it. I have momma wrapped around my paws.

5) I want a white Boxer little brother. Daddy says no more dogs because we don't have any room. I think we would have plenty of room if we didn't have those cats!

6) I love cat food. It makes me fart really good and poop alot, but there is something about the cat food that I just can't resist. Sometimes momma isn't quick enough to pick up the dish off the floor and I can get a really good mouthful. Silly momma, she can't outrun me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, the holidays are on their way and I gotta tell you I am not too happy about it. All the lights and decorations in people's yards scare the poo out of me. I feel the need to bark at every little thing I see and all Momma does is laugh at me and call me silly. I am not silly, I am trying to protect her from the massive inflatable Frosty the neighbor has in his yard!! Momma is the silly one.
Another reason why I have no holiday spirit is because Daddy thought it would be a good idea to go to New York and see Auntie Julie. They are all leaving me and Zeus for a whole week!! We have to go to the kennel. At least I like the kennel because my nice vet Sandra (Daddy's cousin) will be there every day with me and she has 3 little skin kids to play with and jump on. Momma will have to teach me not jump all over again when she gets home. It will serve her right for leaving me.
I had to go see Sandra yesterday and Momma found out I have Demodectic Mange and I have to have medicine now. Momma is also using supplements to build up my immune system. Stupid vaccinations. Momma is very sad and worried about leaving me, because she has never been away from me for more than a couple hours.
I am a very lucky dog because I get to go to work with Momma every day. All the guys she works with love me and give me treats behind her back. One of the guys brought me a steak yesterday. I love him now!! Momma works all morning and I sleep in my crate. At lunchtime we get to go for a walk and play with all the guys. Sometimes I get pretty restless in the afternoon because I want to go home and play with Zeus and Rachel and Daddy. Matt will play with me sometimes too, but he is waiting until I am bigger and play better like Zeus. Momma tells Matt to play with me and be with me more, but he cuddles me when she isn't looking. Silly Matt.
Well, that's all for today. I will let you all know when something exciting happens.