Saturday, February 3, 2007

My winter so far

Well, it has been kind of a rough winter. On December 13th I had to go to the vet. I had a bald spot on my head that Momma was worried about. The vet scraped my head in a couple spots and it really hurt but I was a good boy. The vet said I had Demodectic Mange. This article explains what Demodectic Mange is and what it is caused by, The vet put me on Ivermectin for 60 days! Momma was really not happy about the medicine, but she does want me to get better. I only have a few more days left and I will go back and have to get my head scraped again! Good thing I love my vet and all the other girls there. The medicine tastes icky but Daddy gives it to me every morning with a special treat so I eat it all up. The guys at Momma's work were teasing me bout me head. Silly guys!
Momma and Daddy took matt and Rachel to New York to see my auntie and uncle and cousins. I had to go to the kennel. Momma kept calling it camp but I knew better. I had a really hard time there and I peed all over my crate and I wouldn't eat. Zeus actually LIKES it there and I couldn't even be in the same kennel as him! I was so happy to see Momma when she came to pick me up. She was a day late because the plane couldn't fly out of New York! All the guys at work missed me and my favorite buddy Paul brought me all kinds of leftover turkey and other good stuff.
It is so cold in MN right now. I go outside and my paws freeze!! I have to hurry and pee because I hop around on the snow. Momma needs to get me some boots or something. Daddy told Momma this morning it was -38 degrees with the wind chill! I don't know what that means, but Momma wouldn't take me out to run errands with her. When she left with Rachel I jumped at the window to look for her and Daddy told me no. I will miss her but I like helping Daddy cook more!
Momma keeps saying she has something called Cabin Fever and she can't wait until we can go to the cabin again. She is putting all kinds of stuff in boxes and bags in the basement to take to the cabin. Momma, it is only February!! Oh well, as long as it makes her happy to do it I don't care.
I have to figure out how to do Dogs with Blogs so I can talk to other friends. Until next time, everybody stay warm!!

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Gomer & Opie - DogsAyeView Dogs said...

Hi Bugsy! We share your pain, sort of, cuz it's cold in MN (as you know). The kennel can be fun... after you spend a coupla winters cooped up inside, you'll like going to play with all the dogs there, too, like Zeus. Come visit us at we've got lots of buds you can meet!