Thursday, January 10, 2008

Very Serious Topic

**DISCLAIMER** - This post is not meant to inflame anyone or start any arguments. Any inflammatory comments left to me will not be replied to.

Me and Zeus have our serious faces on cause we got something really important to talk to you about today. We are scared about PETA. Their name stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals". But, most people don't have any idea what they really stand for and what they are really all about. PETA's main objective is to end all ownership of animals. No farms, no zoos, no animal sanctuaries, no leather, no more milk or meat.
In a PETA shelter in Virginia, almost all of the animals were euthanized! Very few were adopted out. They claim the animals are too far gone to be rehabilitated. Now, my Momma rescued my brother Zeus from some people who wanted to euthanize him and thought he was too far gone too. Good thing my Momma and Daddy didn't think so or I wouldn't have my big brother. In short, PETA killed 97.3% of all the animals they took in!! Of course this is not including the animals that were returned to their owners. This was in 2006. They were slow in releasing their numbers to the Department of Agriculture. In 2005 they also killed over 90% of the animals they took in! I can't believe it!! All those doggies and kitties who could have been my friends! What are they thinking? I thought they were supposed to like animals!?!? My Momma says that what they want people to think so nobody finds out the truth about them.
My Momma about had a fit at Christmas when she got address labels in the mail from PETA. She said some really bad words and said was going to mail them back to PETA with some of my homemade organic compost not really what she called it) on them!! Daddy laughed at her and told her to calm down and just throw them away. Poor Momma gets pretty worked up sometimes.
This is PETA's response to questions asked about their high kill rate. . Did you know they were also on trial for killing a bunch of animals and putting them in a dumpster? Momma is just so sad about all this and so am I and so is Zeus. Poor Zeus almost met the fate of some of these animals. How sad that the general public thinks PETA is there to help animals.
There are so many people out there like my Momma and Daddy who love animals and only want to do what's best for them. Unfortunately PETA is not among those people. My Momma said they are responsible for funding domestic terrorists and burning down buildings! She really goes on about this issue. Poor Momma should settle down.
Well, I hope you learn something from this and pass it on to everyone elese you know who loves animals. Make sure you give all your furbabies big kisses and cuddles tonight and be thankful they didn't wind up in a PETA shelter. They wouldn't be with you right now if they had.
I know alot of people want to help animals and that's great. If that is the case, your money and time are best spent going to your LOCAL shelter. You can be sure that all donations stay right there. It is also a good place to bring your old blankets and pillows. I know that animals really appreciate them!
As for me and Zeus, we are going to go look out the window and bark at the snowflakes.
Until next time, keep your tail wagging!


Laila said...

Hey Bugsy, I'm so glad your telling people about what PETA really does. They aren't nice people at all. My momma doesn't support them either, she says they are just a bunch of actors pretending to love animals and that they have all lost focus.
Local shelters do the most help and get the least amount of funding, I bet if more people were to go to local shelters instead of back yard breeders to adopt their furbabies then the shelter people woudn't have to be so worried about all the homeless doggies and kitties out there.

Cubby said...

Or, send your donations to Legacy Boxer Rescue! Hahaha!

Gunner said...

Bugsy, man thanks for getting this out for people to see that these 'animal huggers' are not nice people! My mom says support your local rescue groups and animal shelters that DO NOT kill furries!

Keep on ruffin buddy!

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Turbo the Sibe said...

Your words are so true about that stupid PeTA organization! My Human had a first hand run in with those jerks!

Tyson said...

Great post Bugsy! Way to get out the word. My mommy doesn't have anything nice to say about the either.

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

great education education. -spreading the word is the best way for all of us to get the message across!

Rushy The Boxer said...

wow I have never heard any of that before... sad that they just euthanize so many pets that truly can be rehabilitated.

one of our life long goals is to open a boxer rescue!!

it would be awesome to be able to retire young and open one...but we definitely don't have the land/money for that right now.

Anonymous said...

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